The Diocese of Saginaw is Blessed With Dedicated Priests

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On Monday, June 20, faithful from throughout the diocese gathered with Bishop Joseph R. Cistone at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption in Saginaw for a special Mass to honor 11 priests who were celebrating anniversaries of their priestly ministry. Those who celebrated significant anniversaries included:

  • Rev. John Thome, who was ordained 70 years ago
  • Rev. Ray Moeggenberg, Rev. Joe Schabel, Rev. Harry Sikorski and Rev. Stanley Surman, who were ordained 60 years ago
  • Rev. Don Henkes who was ordained 50 years ago
  • Rev. Todd Arnberg, Rev. Charlie Hammond, and Rev. Kevin Kerbawy who were ordained 40 years ago
  • Rev. John Mullett and Rev. Craig Carolan, who were ordained 25 years ago


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