Zambia mission group continues to blog its experience back home to Bay City

Monday, 15 August 2011 13:05

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zambia_mapWhile there is a large group of Diocese of Saginaw pilgrims halfway around the word in Madrid celebrating World Youth Day this week, a second group of local youth is also across the globe serving the people of the village of Lukulu, Zambia in Africa. 

The group from St. James Parish in Bay City has continued to keep a blog about it work in Zambia since arriving there on August 10. Here are some excerpts from the missionaries’ blog: 

  • “We celebrated Mass today with all of the parishioners of Sancta Maria. It was incredible, four hour of singing and dancing and praising the Lord. The people are so passionate about their faith that it just becomes contagious. Everyone in the group was deeply impacted by the celebration today. The message of the sermon was that we Americans and the Salozi people are all connected by our faith and the parishioners made us feel that very thing.” (August 15) 


  • "Our spot to dig was within a 7 foot pit, so we had to dig for sand and then throw it at least 10 feet to make it into the back on the trailer. Not to mention the large ants that were crawling on us the whole time. We had many children onlookers and I was able to teach a kid how to throw a fruit overhand (one of my highlights of the day). Once loaded, we got on the trailer to go back, but the tractor shut down. Trying to get it going again, which it did, in the heat with limited water really gave us a taste of life in Africa and gave us an appreciation for what we have." (August 12) 


  • "The children came running out to greet us, I cannot even to begin to explain their smiles."  (August 12)


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