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 comm issue

Faith Saginaw magazine is a quarterly publication mailed to registered parishioners across the Diocese of Saginaw. Please click on any of the magazine images to read each issue.

Above is the special commemorative issue, which includes a rich history of the Diocese of Saginaw. After clicking any image on this page, a special viewer will open. Once the viewer opens, click any section of the magazine to zoom in. Click any section again to zoom out. Once you zoom in, you can also move around and look at any particular zoomed-in section of each page. You may flip pages by clicking on the bottom right part of the right-side page. To flip back, simply click on the bottom left corner of the left-side page. The arrows at the bottom of the viewer may also be used to turn the pages.

Volume 11

Spring 2017    

Volume 10

spring16   fall2016   advent2016   winter2017  
Spring 2016 Fall 2016  Advent 2016  Winter 2017  

Volume 9

spring15  summer15  faith-fall2015  Clipboard02  
Spring 2015 Summer 2015  Fall 2015  Winter 2016  

Volume 8

crop Page 0spring  crop Page 0summer  crop Page 0fall  winter15  
Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014  Winter 2015  

Volume 7

 summer  fall  thanksgiving small  comm issue  
Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Thanksgiving 2013 Comm. Issue  


Volume 6

 lent easter2012  summer2012  fall2012  christmas  
Lent/Easter 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Christmas 2012  


Volume 5

sag_2011_01_100px sag_2011_04_100px Faith Magazine Summer 2011 Faith Magazine Christmas 2011  
Winter 2011 Spring 2011 Summer 2011 Christmas 2011



Volume 4

sag_2010_01_100px sag_2010_04_100px sag_2010_07_100px sag_2010_10_100px  
Winter 2010 Spring 2010 Summer 2010 Fall 2010  










Volume 3

sag_2009_01_100px sag_2009_04_100px sag_2009_07_100px sag_2009_10_100px  
Winter 2009 Spring 2009 Summer 2009 Fall 2009  










Volume 2

sag_2008_01_100px sag_2008_04_100px sag_2008_07_100px sag_2008_10_100px  
Winter 2008 Spring 2008 Summer 2008 Fall 2008  










Volume 1

sag_2007_01_100px sag_2007_04_100px sag_2007_07_100px sag_2007_10_100px  
Winter 2007 Spring 2007 Summer 2007 Fall 2007  


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