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You are Invited to First Friday with Bishop Gruss on February 4!
Join us for Mass at 11 a.m. followed by a meatless lunch at noon and an informal presentation by Bishop Gruss.
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Faithful Gather at Cathedral as First Fridays with Bishop Gruss returns
Faithful Gather as First Fridays with Bishop Gruss returns
Diocesan News
Statement on Proposed Ballot Effort to Enshrine Abortion in Michigan’s Constitution
Earlier today a group of pro-abortion rights organizations announced the formation of a ballot committee to consider a petition drive to enshrine abortion in the state constitution.
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Diocese to celebrate ‘9 Days for Life’
From January 21 to 29, the Diocese of Saginaw will celebrate “9 Days for Life.” Faithful will gather at eight designated parishes across the Diocese.
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Bishop Gruss welcomes Bishop-elect Jeffrey Walsh to Michigan
I would like to extend prayerful congratulations and a warm welcome to Bishop-elect Jeffrey Walsh.
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Bishop Robert Gruss identifies Eucharistic Renewal and Catholic schools as priorities for 2022 and beyond  
Although diocesan priority planning has not, yet, begun, Bishop Robert Gruss named two of his priorities for 2022 and beyond

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