Jail Ministry

The Saginaw Jail Ministry program ministers to inmates of the Saginaw County Jail. The program is administered by a chaplan, who provides for the material needs of inmates (such as the need for clothing), and their spiritual needs, through reflection, prayer and more.

Support Jail Ministry

The jail ministry needs your help, and the most effective way that you can assist is through donations of items such as clothing and books or by contributing financially. You can contribute financially through your parish.  Another way to donate, or If you believe God is calling you to serve in the jail ministry program, contact Oscar Mendoza.

Details About the Program and Its Philosophy

The Saginaw Jail Ministry program was formed to be a Christian outreach of the Saginaw Catholic Diocese of Saginaw and is now funded by Catholic parishes of Saginaw County. The program is administered by a jail chaplain who is the compassionate presence of Jesus in the jail and whose intention is to let inmates know that God loves them no matter what their offenses might have been. The chaplain is an advocate for those incarcerated who are usually young, poor, uneducated or addicted to substances, and who typically have weak or non-existent family ties.  

The Chaplain's mission is to inform and instruct the people who are incarcerated that forgiveness and salvation can only come from God and that they are never forgotten by God or their Christian brothers and sisters.