Christ's Mission Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Christ's Mission Appeal?

Christ's Mission Appeal raises the annual funding needed to operate dozens of ministries and programs of the diocese.

Why should I give to Christ's Mission Appeal if I already give to my parish?

Christ's Mission Appeal provides funding for ministries such as Vocations, Catholic Schools, Youth Ministry, Hispanic Ministry, live streaming of Masses and many other programs which one parish could not possibly fund or operate on its own.

Are funds from the appeal used to pay legal bills or settlements involving clergy sexual abuse?


Does Christ's Mission Appeal Provide Help to my Parish?

Among the offices funded by Christ's Mission Appeal are several which serve our parishes by assisting with training in ministry, critical administrative functions, information technology, property issues, formation, religious education and stewardship.

How do I make a gift?

You may make a gift online here. You may also make a gift by completing the pledge card that was included in your Christ's Mission Appeal mailing. (Please return the pledge card to the Diocese of Saginaw). You also may return the pledge card to your parish office or drop it in the collection basket at Mass.

Does my parish have to support Christ's Mission Appeal?

Yes. Each parish has a set goal which represents the parish share of the total Christ's Mission Appeal.

What happens if my parish exceeds or falls short of its goal?

A parish which falls short of its goal makes up the deficit from parish funds. When a parish exceeds its goal, the excess funds are returned to the parish.