What is Stewardship?

Stewardship: Turning Cultural Values Upside Down

The Life of a Christian Steward

Christian stewardship is the commitment made in response to God's generosity: to live a life of gratitude, to make daily decisions to glorify God, and to share oneself and one's gifts as generously as circumstances and talents allow.

A life of gratitude is the first mark of a Christian steward. God has endowed His followers with more gifts than they can imagine - life and faith, time and relationships, health, talents, skills and material wealth. Everything one has is a gift from God, and a Christian thanks God daily for these blessings.

Stewardship Involves Daily Choices

Stewardship means making daily, conscious choices that glorify God. Decisions are made daily that reveal a person's priorities and one should be able to recognize the Christian disciple by the place God has in his or her daily life.

Christian stewards regard success, a high standard of living and the accumulation of material objects as secondary to a life of generosity, hospitality and the privacy of personal relationships. In making these decisions, culture's values are turned upside down.

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