Documenting COVID-19 for Archives

The Diocese of Saginaw Archives is launching a project to document the experiences of parishioners, clergy, and diocesan staff during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The response and ongoing efforts of the Diocese of Saginaw regarding the pandemic have been, and will continue to be, documented and preserved in the DoSA. However, we feel it is equally important to have a permanent record of personal experiences and reactions within our diocesan community. This collection will be shared with the public for the benefit of all.

Ways to Participate

Participants can share their pandemic experiences through stories, photographs, videos, and other forms of documentation. Standard documentation that we accept (both physically and electronically) include correspondence (letters, email, etc…), photographs, essays, interviews, and more. We also welcome a variety of formats, such as daily journal entries, voice recordings, social media/blog posts, pictures and videos of daily life, and so on. Here are several prepared questions that you can utilize in your response:

  • How did you hear about your parish closing due to the pandemic?
  • What was your immediate reaction to the closing of your parish due to the pandemic?
  • What was your reaction to so many other aspects of society closing?
  • How did the early stay-at-home order affect you and your family? How did it affect you when the order was lifted?
  • How did the pandemic affect your faith?
  • How has the pandemic affected your daily life?
  • Was there an impact made on your neighborhood/community? If so, what kind of impact?
  • How do you keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones during self-quarantine? During social distancing?
  • What’s changed since the start of the pandemic way back in March, 2020?
  • What do you do to keep morale/spirits up?
  • Have you remained in contact with members of your church/parish?
  • What’s changed in your day-to-day relationship with God?
  • Have your future plans, or goals, been impacted? How?


Please submit items and responses through this Google Form. If you prefer, please send in a physical copy to the Diocese of Saginaw at 5800 Weiss St, Saginaw, MI 48603, and to have it addressed to the Archive. Please include written documentation of who the materials are from and contact information for the Archivist to address donor agreements. Please note: documents and pictures will not be returned to the Donor, so consider sending in duplicate copies if you wish to retain originals.

If you have any questions regarding formats or would like further information on the project, please feel free to email the Archivist at Submissions will not be immediately made available to the public until after review and processing by the Archivist.

Note: Archives/Archivist may choose to decline submissions that do not adhere to guidelines of our collecting policy.