Amidst chaos and division, Bishop Gruss shares message of Hope

In his homily during Holy Hour at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption on Thursday September 24 - which was a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for God’s mercy and healing - Bishop Gruss began by describing the current condition of the country. 

“Our country is in chaos right now,” Bishop Gruss said. “Divisions run deep. Division is all across our lands. Very sadly, death and destruction have become the norm these days in this country. My dear friends, this is not what the Lord desires for us- death and destruction. This is not who we are as a country.”

Despite the current environment, Bishop Gruss reminded the faithful that “nothing is too difficult for us when the power of God is working in our lives. This is the Gospel we must preach everywhere we go.” 

Bishop Gruss encouraged the faithful to not only pray for the nation, but for a personal conversion of the heart.

 “We must ask God tonight to reveal what we need to change in ourselves. That’s at the heart of repentance, asking Jesus what we need to change in ourselves.” 

“In a very beautiful way, I think, we've been called to conversion. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world, he came to save it.” [John 3:17]

“What a beautiful invitation to conversion, no? But it’s for all of us and it’s a lifelong process and you and I are called into this process every day. And the more we submit to God and ask for help in seeing what we need to change, the more he opens our minds to recognize our faults and our weaknesses, leading to true repentance and true conversion. The conversion of our country, I believe, happens one person at a time and it begins with each one of us.” 

Bishop Gruss reminded the faithful of God’s grace saying, “Let us first of all thank him for the redemptive graces offered through his suffering, death and resurrection. They are infinite.  These graces are infinite. And our merciful God desires to pour them out upon us anew, again, now, tonight. We must pray for them over the whole country because the Lord desires and he will use our prayers to pour them out all across our country ...”

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