Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan and Diocese of Saginaw Support and Recognize Work of Catholic School Teachers Amid COVID Pandemic

The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan (CCFMM), along with the Diocese of Saginaw’s Office of Catholic Schools, is pleased to announce over $53,000 will be distributed to 160 full and part-time teachers who serve in our Catholic schools. Funding for this one-time stipend was made available through the Bishop Carlson, Bishop Untener, William & Marjorie Falsey Memorial, and St. Mary Medical Center endowment funds, respectively. These endowments state supporting teacher salaries as one of the specific uses for available funds.

“During the pandemic, we have asked more of our teachers than ever before,” said Cormac Lynn, Superintendent of Catholic Schools. “They are cleaning desks and taking temperatures. They are supporting virtual and in-person learning simultaneously, and so much more. Our Catholic schools have continuously offered in-person instruction whenever it was/is safe to do so and allowable under state orders. In a very real way, our teachers are front line workers. We cannot offer in-person instruction without them. This stipend is one way we can show our appreciation for their commitment to our students and Catholic education.”

Catholic school principals across the diocese agree regarding the critical role of teachers. “They have acknowledged the challenges and risen above. When frustration could easily have taken over, they have ensured students and parents are their first priority,” said Michael Cavanaugh, principal at Our Lady of Lake Huron in Harbor Beach.

“What many don’t see are the countless hours our teachers have spent learning how to transfer their magic to a virtual world, as well as the training they have completed to help their students address the social and emotional impacts of the pandemic,” said Laura Wilkowski, principal at St. Brigid in Midland.

“Teachers are the heart and soul of our schools … especially during this pandemic,” said Mary Kay Yonker, principal at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant. “Their willingness to go above and beyond is why I believe they are the diocesan heroes of 2020. I will be forever grateful to them.”

“Through their faith, God has given our teachers the strength and perseverance to continue to be true disciples of Christ. I am thankful to the CCFMM and all involved, for recognizing the work our teachers have done this year,” said Lisa Seeley, principal at St. Mary in Alma.

Our Catholic schools help form more than 2,000 young people in the Faith and prepare them to carry Christ’s message into the world. The contribution of our teachers is so important as our students work to traverse a challenging environment on so many levels. Whether in-person or virtual, our teachers are helping students navigate this tumultuous period in the context of a faith-centered environment, based on fundamental Catholic values.

“It is always a pleasure to support those who are helping to grow our Faith,” said Executive Director of the CCFMM, Kristin Smith. “Equally important, through this stipend, we are able to honor the intent of all those who have contributed to these specific endowments.”

Every teacher will receive an equal stipend based on their employment status. To learn more about how you can support our Catholic school teachers, related endowment funds and the work of CCFMM, please visit/contact:

Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan Kristin Smith Executive Director 989-797-6624

Office of Catholic Schools Cormac Lynn Superintendent 989-860-6567