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This year, with renewed commitment to pray for an end to abortion and raise awareness of the sanctity of human life, despite the current challenges to gather and march in person, we are excited to offer many new ways to pray and raise our voices across our diocese.

Please commit to "Witness to Life" together, as one, by joining us in some or all of the following:

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Today's Mass


Friday January 22, 2021 Witness to Life Rally

Holy Hour including Novena for Life led by Knights of Columbus

You are Invited to the Witness to Life Mass of the Holy Spirit - Friday, January 29 at 6:30 p.m.

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"The Tender Way of Mary"- Video with Bishop Gruss, Madison Valez and More

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Listen to Audio Recordings (Podcasts)

Below are recordings featuring local clergy and lay people such as Father Adam Maher, Father Bill Rutkowski, Father Christian Tabares and many others.

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Speakers: Fr. Peter Gaspeny, Pastor of Holy Spirit Parish, Shields 
Lori Drake, Director of LifeClinic Community Resources, Midland, Saginaw, Bay City
Summary: “We cannot love the child and not love the mother.”  Do we see a difference in the dignity of life between the mother and child?

Life Clinic Community Resources

Life Choices of Central Michigan

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministry

Project Rachel

Diocese of Saginaw Post Abortive Support


Speakers:  Fr. Marc Hopps, Parochial Vicar at St. Brigid of Kildare, Midland and Chaplain at St. Mary University, Mt. Pleasant
Maribeth Hopps, Coordinator of Praying our Faith at All Saints, Bay City
Michaela Davert, Disability Advocate, Internet Personality, Bay City
Summary: Jesus heard the cries for recognition from people with disabilities more than 2000 years ago and He calls to us today to embrace our responsibility to our own brothers and sisters with disabilities. How do we fall short in recognizing the dignity of the person with a disability? What can we do to intentionally open our eyes to see another person as a child of God?

National Catholic Partnership on Disabilities

Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities

Catechesis with People with Disabilities


Speakers:  Fr. Bill Rutkowski, Vicar General, Pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd in Saginaw and St. John Paul ll in Carrollton 
Hank Messing, Director of Administration and Parish Life at Christ the Good Shepherd in Saginaw and St. John Paul ll in Carrollton
Summary: Our response to the sick, the elderly and the dying is a witness to the world of their inherent dignity as persons created by God. How do we as a church value and respect their lives? How do we as a society care for and love those nearing the end of their life? 

Video Now and at the Hour of Our Death

Caring for Loved Ones at Life’s End (USCCB)


Prisoners/Death Penalty -
“Witness to the dignity of the human person who is in prison” 
Speakers:  Fr. Andy LaFramboise, Pastor of St. Agnes Parish, Freeland
                  Oscar Mendoza - Prison Ministry 
Summary: How do we see the dignity of those who have been convicted of a crime?  What does the Church teach on the death penalty?  This discussion is how we respond as people of faith to those who are incarcerated.  


Speakers:  Fr. Christian Tabares, Pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish, Reese and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish, Vassar
Deacon Librado Gayton, Vicar of Hispanic Ministry
Summary:  How does the Gospel ask us to respond to the stranger among us?  This discussion helps us to understand the situation of many people who are struggling to immigrate.  


Speakers: Fr. Bob Byrne, Senior Priest and Moral Theology Instructor, Diocese of Saginaw
Dr. Cherie Sammis, Director of Ethics Integration for Ascension Healthcare
Summary: Through stories and conversations, difficult questions and struggles that surface as we care for our loved ones during their suffering and at the end of life are addressed.  What does compassionate care look like? What are the ethical questions of assisted suicide? How do we preserve the dignity of the person as they die? 

Video Now and at the Hour of Our Death

USCCB Life Matters to the End of Days 2011 

USCCB Statement on Assisted Suicide 

Ethical Religious Directives (ERD’S) 

Human Trafficking - 
Title: “Witness to the dignity of the human person impacted by human trafficking”
 Speakers: Fr. Adam Mahar, Chaplain in Campus Ministry and Assistant Vocation Director
                 Allie Martinez, Human Trafficking Task Force of Saginaw County
Summary: Human trafficking impacts millions around the world and sadly it happens in our own communities.  This discussion will look at those who have been impacted by this modern day slavery.  


Speakers:  Fr. Jose Maria, Pastor of All Saints Parish in Bay City
                  Anthony Flores, Resident in Counseling who specializes in counseling trauma victims.

Summary: God desires for us to be fully healthy in mind, body and spirit.  This discussion takes on how we can help those who struggle with mental illnesses. 

Led by: Matthew Gembrowski, Seminary classmates Jake Zemaitis - Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI; Jeremy Leganski - Diocese of Joliet, IL; Robert Lamorena - Diocese of San Jose, CA

Rosary for Immigration 
Led by: Deacon Todd Lovas, Pastoral Administrator St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Shepherd



Led by Fr. Nate Harburg, Pastor Good Shepherd Parish of Ubly, with The Good Shepherd Rosary Group

Led by: Sr. Esther Mary Nickel, RSM & community of sisters

Rosary for Life 
Led by Deacon Kevin Wojciechowski with Brian Klein of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester



Led by:  Fr. Stephen Blaxton, Pastor Holy Family Parish, Sandusky, with Suzanne Guttowsky, Jake and Liz Huysentruyt, Andrew and Sarah Waligorski, Joan Dwyer, and Fred Mroczek from Holy Family Parish 


“The Tender Way of Mary” A Witness to the Dignity of Life

Join us as we follow Mary through the Scriptures that tell of her life experiences and those of her son, Jesus.  In this video we offer respect life issues that Mary may have experienced, a reflection of the tender way of Mary on how she may have reacted in each situation, and a connection of her tender way to the life issues of today.

Created by Lori Becker and Maribeth Hopps
Narration byBishop Robert Gruss and Madison Valez
Music/song by Pam Bourscheidt and Kim Keith



Chaplet of Divine Mercy 

9 Days for Life Novena printable version

9 Days for Life Novena online version

Litany for Life - https://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/prayers-and-devotions/litanies/a-litany-for-life
Litany of Pro Life Saints - 
Saints of Pro Life Movement - 
Being Pro Life with the Saints - 


Encourage parishioners to place a lighted candle in a window in their homes for each night of the 9 Day Reflection, January 21-29, 2021

Create a Life Chain in the community for March. Participants stand 6-8 feet apart, following social distancing guidelines.

Create signs and banners with prayers written on the back for participants to pray during March events.

Parish may host a candlelight vigil, novena for life, special prayer service, Mass, etc. on January 22, 2021.
Partner with nearby parishes to plan events.

Send parish event photos/videos to Timothy Spear (Diocese of Saginaw Digital Media Manager) to be included in the slideshow at the end of the 9 Day Reflection. 


USCCB Parish Webinar - January Action Guide - https://youtu.be/SfDljbHJOdk
January Action Guide: https://www.usccb.org/resources/respe...
9 Days for Life (Sign-Up) - http://9daysforlife.com

9 Days for Life (Landing Page) - http://respectlife.org/9-days-for-life

9 Days for Life (Resources) - http://respectlife.org/leaders-resources

Walking with Moms in Need: A Year of Service - http://walkingwithmoms.com

Walking with Moms in Need Parish Webinar - https://youtu.be/6kOPGKo3Vqw

Walking with Moms Intro  video with Archbishop Naumann - https://youtu.be/qdp8rv4qlVA

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