Father Robert DeLand’s Ministry Restricted, May Not Publicly Present Himself as a Priest 


SAGINAW — The Diocese of Saginaw was made aware of the arrest of Rev. Robert (Bob) DeLand and his arraignment on criminal charges through the media on February 26, 2018. Because of the criminal charges filed against Father DeLand, the Most Rev. Joseph R. Cistone, Bishop of Saginaw, immediately placed him on administrative leave from active ministry.

Bishop Cistone has mandated that Father DeLand must meet all the obligations of the courts, including the critically important directive that he is to have no contact with individuals under 21, for the well being, safety and protection of our community and most especially young people. This prohibits Father DeLand from going on school properties and participating in school and parish activities and functions.

In addition, Bishop Cistone has informed Father DeLand that he must refrain from wearing clerical garb or presenting himself publicly as a priest. He must also refrain from the exercise of public ministry and must notify the Office of the Bishop of any change of location. 

These restrictions will remain in place throughout the entire criminal proceeding.

In accord with diocesan policy, an internal investigation will begin once the criminal investigation is completed, so as not to obstruct the criminal investigation.

Bishop Cistone has publicly expressed his commitment, on behalf of the Diocese of Saginaw, to cooperate fully with law enforcement in this most serious matter. 

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