Regarding the Holy See’s report on Theodore McCarrick

Bishop Robert Gruss issued the following statement regarding the Holy See’s report on Theodore McCarrick

"I welcome the publishing of the Holy See’s report on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The release of this document is essential in moving forward on a path toward greater accountability and transparency. This report clearly shines a light on those ways in which we, as a Church, have failed to appropriately address the crimes of sexual abuse by clergy. This must never happen again.

"As painful as it will be to read through the entire report, which is a little more than 400 pages, I appreciate the Holy Father’s commitment to making it public. I believe this is a necessary step toward healing and reconciliation for McCarrick’s victims as well as all victims of sexual abuse by clergy.

"Please join me in praying for all of McCarrick’s victims and their families and every victim- survivor who has suffered abuse by clergy. As I shared during our Mass of Atonement in September: '... We as a Church, shamefully and remorsefully acknowledge that there were those clergy and others who abused our children, the most vulnerable entrusted to our care; there was also cover-up and silence, dismissing the cries of those who were suffering, only to magnify their pain; there was ignorance on the part of many and a lack of understanding of the gravity of this sin – all of which inflicted deep wounds on the body of Christ.'

"To all those who have suffered abuse by a priest, bishop, or someone in the Church, I urge you to report this abuse to law enforcement. You can find detailed information regarding how and where to report abuse by clicking here.

"As was shared earlier today by the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop José Gomez, 'This report underscores the need for us to repent and grow in our commitment to serve the people of God. Let us all continue to pray and strive for the conversion of our hearts, and that we might follow Jesus Christ with integrity and humility.'"